Coaching Notes #1: Coaching = Showing Up.

We often don’t show up for ourselves, do we? We might show up for our bosses, teams, partners, people we want to impress, people whom we think we need, or who need us… the list goes on.

When you show up for coaching, you’re showing up for yourself. Yes, just you, with your personality and limiting beliefs, fears( of course), your quirks and strengths, your values and passions, your hidden dreams and longings.

You show up because you realize that it might be time to take a closer look, to no longer hide from the things that scare you, to no longer dim your lights to please everyone else.

To step into a fuller more integrated version of you that connects all the pieces that you may have dismissed or discarded along the way.

I know this work is not easy. It’s not for everyone. You will be uncomfortable and vulnerable as you focus inwards.

But with a coach who is a good fit , you will be seen, you will be held, you will be honored, and you will be supported on this journey.

So why do this work? So you can feel more alive. So you can let your gift shine to serve others. So you can bring your true self to a planet that is simply aching for people who are kinder, more compassionate, just, and loving–to themselves and other beings. So you can simply feel good, be more at ease and enjoy life more.

You can have all this, and the first step is choosing to show up for yourself, just as you are.

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