Working with Yassir,  I have come to understand the power of this work– to transform. 

He has a rare combination of thoughtfulness and delightful creativity and was amazed that whatever I throw at him, he heard it, and was able to respond and move the conversation accordingly. 

 I now have more confidence in myself and my choices.  I feel proud of my being true to living my values, even if they may bring with them significant changes. Though I certainly have my anxious moments, as I untether myself from the comfort of a solid income, living in a familiar place, etc.,  I can usually calm myself with the awareness that I’m on a very exciting and personal path; that the unknown is my friend. And - I can communicate that to others, who I now feel are quite inspired by my life choices.

 All in all, working with Yassir has been nothing short of extraordinary. My best days are not, in fact, behind me, and I reference our work all the time with friends as they ask me about this brave new chapter ahead!

-Philip Himberg, Executive Director MacDowell,  former Head, Sundance Institute Theatre Program


"I need to thank Yassir for our work together. Through his coaching, he offered me an opportunity to lift myself up out of the trees when I needed to see the forest.

He was gentle with me when he saw obstacles that I created for myself and helped me clear them away. He took some of my preconceived notions and turned them on their head. He pushed me to look at things differently and imagine where I might want to go.

With his coaching, I’ve regained my passion for my work and feel value in what I do. I intend on continuing to work with Yassir so that I don’t lose this great new perspective."
-Aynsley Morris, Global Communications Lead and Global Conference Manager at Micronutrient Forum


“Working with Yassir has transformed my life for the better! I was stuck in an old mindset about life and work, and Yassir helped me step into bravery, joy and new possibility.

He is a very talented coach, using creativity, fun and sometimes “tough love” to help you gain the mindset and changes to create the life you wish to live. He intuitively responds, on the spot, to what you need in that session and in that moment to create wonderful change – sometimes even within a session or two. I highly recommend his coaching.”
-L. K.


“I found striking Yassir’s ability to capture a situation, recast what he heard me say, and help crystallize those insights into new, actionable nuggets of information. This has meant that I no longer live in a duality of juggling competing goals or competing “sides” of me.

Through coaching, I was able to shed a salient “identity” of mine that no longer served me, and I embraced new career and lifestyle possibilities that would not have fit into the older, defunct narrative in which I had been stuck. In unearthing pieces of wisdom that I already had and reframing them in novel ways, Yassir has helped me see things more clearly, and I am more at peace.”
-R. U.


“Working with Yassir is empowering. In solidarity and with unflinching honesty he has helped me to take stock of my life and to explore the intellectual, emotional, and practical aspects of my aspirations.

Throughout, the focus has been on helping me develop my own thinking and come up with my own tools with which to make my own way through personal and career changes. I have looked forward to our sessions and check-ins as meetings with someone who challenges and encourages but never appeases me. Put another way, he’ll help you use what’s in your mind, your heart, and your gut to get your feet moving!”
-A. Aslam


Our work together sent me on a journey, and it’s been great! It is hard to believe that not too long ago, I was miserable in a job, and feeling rather hopeless and stuck.

My time in Flagstaff has been wonderful. I have had the gift of being a hermit, and really going into a space of solitude, which I longed for deeply. I spent a lot of time reading books, hiking, meditating and just taking it easy. I was lucky to have this opportunity since it is less expensive than DC. My life has been filled with visits with family, fun adventures, and lots of time to nest in our new home and to explore. I have done pretty much everything I was longing to do, including volunteering at a meal providing service. Life has been filled with color.

Things have happened very easily here – we have a condo in a perfect location – an easy walk to the woods, and downtown is only a few blocks. I can walk to more restaurants and shops than our place in DC, which I did not expect! We also have easy access to many bike trails, and I bike regularly. I also decided not to apply to any jobs unless I was really excited about them. The City posted a notice for an Arts & Science Manager, focusing on public art as well as green space, and it was the first job I applied for. I was offered the job, and I begin on Monday! I am happy to be weaving art back into my career and am ready to engage more fully with the world again.

Even better – the job pays well! I will be making more than I ever have before (substantially more than DC). As the person who helped me so much in getting to this place, I wanted to send you a thank you.


“Yassir has a way of asking questions and helping you realize when you’re working under assumptions that limit ideas and solutions. He provided the support to help me examine the obstacles I perceived were in my way and think of creative solutions to get around them.”
-Barbara Cordero



"Yassir worked with our board to help develop our brand. He led us through a workshop and asked us the right questions to uncover a lot of hidden ideas and commitments that we didn't see. It was like discovering your blind spot and once you do, you are left in action.

The brand framework we created together helped us to get very clear on a vision for the museum that was aligned with our values. We are attracting diverse visitors from across the country and our clear message has garnered high visibility in the media. We highly recommend working with Yassir, it will transform your business or organization."
-Bshara Nassar (Founder) and Nizar Farsakh (Board Chair) Museum of the Palestinian People


"As a small business entrepreneur, I have many ideas floating around in my head. I always found it challenging to capture all the noise and thoughts in my mind on paper.

What Yassir helped me do, beautifully, was to clarify and connect the key elements of my brand that were scattered around like beads and join them into a necklace so I could build an identity for my business based on my values. As I expand and diversify my offerings, the framework he offered will guide me in staying true to my vision."
-Rupen Rao, Indian chef, cookbook author, and creator of a line of ready-to-eat foods. www.rupens.com