Only Connect…live in fragments no longer.” E.M. Forster

I help people learn to trust their intuition and take inspired action to create the lives they want.

Whatever the issues you're facing in your personal life, career or work  I can help you cut through the clutter to create clarity and to discover what matters most to you.

Together, we create a safe space where you will learn how to set aside the sabotaging voices of doubt and fear that keep you playing small so you can reconnect with your authentic self. I’m here to listen for that inner voice and champion it on, so you are emboldened to step fully into your truth.

J.W. von Goethe sagely wrote, "as soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live." It is this inner trust that I  help you to discover for yourself. When you are willing to do the work to fully honor your values, live from purpose, and bring the fragments of your life together,  then you are on the journey to a more fulfilling life.

"I wholeheartedly recommend working with Yassir. Our coaching sessions had a profound impact on my life, and helped me take steps to leave my toxic job and get to know and trust myself. I'm living my best life and am so thankful for the time we spent together." - Monica S.

I stand by you as you translate your insights into actions that are more empowering, both for yourself and others. I hold you accountable to the best vision you have for your life and taking inspired action to move towards it.

Even though we were on the phone, I felt that Yassir was right there in the room with me." -Kate Chappell

Stepping out into new ways of being is not easy. You want a trained coach who can hold a space for you to explore new perspectives and encourage you to take risks to create the life you want. You also want a coach who has moved beyond his or her own comfort zone, who coaches as much from first-hand experience as from sound training.  If you're ready to connect with your inner wisdom and purpose, to follow your call and give up incremental change in exchange for real transformation, my coaching can help you to get there.

I've worked with clients from a range of backgrounds including nonprofits, international organizations, arts and culture organizations, consulting, the private sector, and Capitol Hill. I have lived in Africa, UK, India, and presently the USA, and so I especially enjoy working with people from diverse backgrounds and underserved communities (POC, API, LGBTQIA+). My strongest rapport is with people who are mission-driven and want to contribute to improving our world in some way.

I work mostly through referral but I am open to conversations with those of you who find me online to help provide clarity and to explore if coaching with me will be a good fit. But, first, think carefully through these five questions. If you can answer  'yes' to all of them, then let's talk.

Yassir Islam

Testimonials From Clients

I need to thank Yassir for our work together. Through his coaching, he offered me an opportunity to lift myself up out of the trees when I needed to see the forest. He was gentle with me when he saw obstacles that I created for myself and helped me clear them away. He took some of my preconceived notions and turned them on their head. He pushed me to look at things differently and imagine where I might want to go. With his coaching, I've regained my passion for my work and feel value in what I do. I intend on continuing to work with Yassir so that I don't lose this great new perspective.
-Aynsley Morris, Global Communications Lead and Global Conference Manager at Micronutrient Forum

"Working with Yassir has transformed my life for the better! I was stuck in an old mindset about life and work, and Yassir helped me step into bravery, joy and new possibility. He is a very talented coach, using creativity, fun and sometimes "tough love" to help you gain the mindset and changes to create the life you wish to live. He intuitively responds, on the spot, to what you need in that session and in that moment to create wonderful change - sometimes even within a session or two. I highly recommend his coaching."
-L. K.

“I found striking Yassir's ability to capture a situation, recast what he heard me say, and help crystallize those insights into new, actionable nuggets of information. This has meant that I no longer live in a duality of juggling competing goals or competing "sides" of me. Through coaching, I was able to shed a salient "identity" of mine that no longer served me, and I embraced new career and lifestyle possibilities that would not have fit into the older, defunct narrative in which I had been stuck. In unearthing pieces of wisdom that I already had and reframing them in novel ways, Yassir has helped me see things more clearly, and I am more at peace.”
-R. U.

"Working with Yassir is empowering. In solidarity and with unflinching honesty he has helped me to take stock of my life and to explore the intellectual, emotional, and practical aspects of my aspirations. Throughout, the focus has been on helping me develop my own thinking and come up with my own tools with which to make my own way through personal and career changes. I have looked forward to our sessions and check-ins as meetings with someone who challenges and encourages but never appeases me. Put another way, he’ll help you use what’s in your mind, your heart, and your gut to get your feet moving!"
-A. Aslam

"Yassir has a way of asking questions and helping you realize when you're working under assumptions that limit ideas and solutions. He provided the support to help me examine the obstacles I perceived were in my way and think of creative solutions to get around them."
-Barbara Cordero

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