Specialized Coaching

These specialized services are a blend of coaching and consulting based on my many years of expertise working in communications.

Public speaking is one of the most powerful ways to express yourself, whether you seek to inform, educate or motivate your audience. Public speaking requires skills in several areas and not all may come naturally to you. But with practice and the right coaching, you can improve; and your audience will thank you for it. Let me coach you be the best speaker you can be. Presentation and speaking ability is only half the battle. Being clear on your message, your purpose, and speaking with emotion and integrity are powerful assets in connecting with your audience. Whether you want help crafting your words, or facing an audience, I can help. I have spoken to audiences ranging from twenty to hundreds, at venues such as the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Singularity University. Spend even a few hours with me and you’ll see how to be a better public speaker.

At Ease with the Media in today’s age of networked communication can bring tremendous rewards, but you have to manage the risks. The days of one-way communications are long over. Adages, such as “stay on message”  are long obsolete. I base my approach to speaking with the media on establishing trust and connection, using an approach called “At Ease with the Media” developed by the International Association of Business Communicators. Whether for TV, press, or radio I have coached people to be better prepared to speak to the media and be at ease. I speak from experience and I  have also been interviewed by various media over the years as spokesperson for the organizations I’ve worked for. Whether working one-on-one for a specific media opportunity or a group who are on the front lines of engaging with the media, I can help you best position and present yourself to the media and the world. After all, you only get one chance.

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