WRITING: Selected Blog Posts

  • Is Jargon Stopping You From Standing Out? Linked In 2017
  • How to Destroy a Brand in Two Minutes. Linked In. 2017
  • The First Thousand What? Making Nutrition More Visible to Economists. Development Horizons. 2015
  • Coffee? Or Lunch? You choose. ONE. May 2012
  • Giving Thanks to the Sweet Potato. Impatient Optimist. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. 2011

WRITING: Selected Academic & Other Articles

  • Saltzman, Amy; Birol, Ekin; Bouis, Howarth E.; Boy, Erick; De Moura, Fabiana F.; Islam, Yassir; Pfeiffer, Wolfgang H. Biofortification: Progress toward a more nourishing future. Global Food Security. 2013
  • Bouis, H. and Y. Islam. Delivering Nutrients Widely through Biofortification: Building on Orange Sweet Potato. In Scaling Up in Agriculture, Rural Development, and Nutrition. Johannes F. Linn Washington, DC: International Food Policy Research Institute. 2012

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BRANDING: Revitalizing a Vision

The Vegetarian Society of DC needed to refresh their brand in order to differentiate their role in Washington DC vegetarian community, and renew their appeal to their volunteers and members. I worked with the board to develop and write a new vision. This type of statement engages; it's a conversation starter to get people to buy into your vision. It is also adaptable--it can be abbreviated to replace the standard elevator pitch, used in grant proposals, or read, in part or whole, to inspire VSDC's tribe.

COMMUNICATIONS: Not Your Usual Annual Report

The goal was to differentiate this new series of annual reports from the text-heavy and research-oriented presentations of similar  programs and institutes.  HarvestPlus was developing novel approaches and ways of working across sectors to overcome hunger. The reports were intended to reflect this dynamism. They were fresh, eye-catching, succinct, and appealing to non-scientific audiences.  I chose titles that were short, memorable and captured the key theme for the year. Take a look inside the annual reports.