Thinking of Moving to Portugal?

Two years ago, I flew from DC to Lisbon on a D7 visa to make a new home. I knew little about Portugal but enough to know that I wanted to try living here.

I made the move on my own, using online resources and groups. I learned everything else on the ground—things that can only be learned through experience by living in a place.  

There were ups and downs, but I love my life here in Lisbon! I work remotely, enjoy everything the city has to offer, and have met many interesting people. You can find out more about me here.

Along the way, I’ve helped many others make their move to Portugal.

I can help you too. I offer consultations to answer your questions and concerns about moving to Portugal.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Send me a message with the main topics/ questions you want to discuss during a 60-minute consultation.
  2. I’ll reply with my availability, payment options, etc. (If I am not the best person to answer your questions, I’ll let you know.)
  3. We’ll make an appointment to meet via zoom or a voice call to answer your questions.
  4. After our call, I will send you any relevant links and resources. (I do not use your time during the call to dig these up and send them to you.)

    The fee for this consultation is 150 US$/€/£ This amount is payable in full before our call and is non-refundable. I also offer packages for ongoing support if needed.

Topics I can speak to:
-why I chose Lisbon.
-moving here on my own.
-dealing with culture shock.
-getting around Lisbon and the surrounding areas.
-renting or buying a home in Lisbon.
-speaking English and learning Portuguese.
-working with the bureaucracy and tips for getting things done.
-where to shop for healthy foods.
– how i set up a small business
-purchasing health insurance and accessing healthcare.

I can’t advise on:
-what it’s like to live in other cities or towns in Portugal. While I have visited many places, I do not have experience living outside of Lisbon.
-specific details about visa and immigration requirements and/or tax/financial issues for your unique needs. (I do have professionals I can recommend to get these questions answered).

Is Portugal right for you? I can help you decide. Contact me here.

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