Brand First
Focusing on brand first provides a clarity from which strategic communications can flow much more easily. Aligning to the brand also allows communications to be tactical and responsive to changing environments. This approach also ensures consistency of voice across all communication platforms which will contribute to and reinforce the brand, resulting in greater impact. if you've got a great brand already, we're all set to go!

Strategic Communications
I  use the term strategic deliberately. Plainly put, strategic communications is an asset, not an expense. It differentiates between communication strategies to help you meet goals and the communication tactics that will best achieve those goals. At each stage, you have to be aligned with your brand so you can motivate your stakeholders and your target audiences to act in accordance with your goals and objectives.

If your needs are more granular, I am a seasoned communicator who will bring the same clarity, conciseness, and creativity (as appropriate) to all your marketing and communication needs.

  • I can develop key collateral and flagship materials from scratch that reflect your brand and help you stand out. Or revitalize what you already have.
  • Have something newsworthy? I can help you get at the heart of your story, and craft a press release that will get you noticed. Also see my media training on working with the media.
  • Looking for a web strategy, overall brand alignment or quality content that shines on the page? Contact me.
  • I can take your scientific and technical publications including journal articles, and write pieces suitable for broader, or non-scientific audiences.
  • I can develop and write your annual reports, policy briefs, summaries etc. I'm good at getting those hundred pages down to ten.
  • Let me craft or ghost write your blog posts, articles, opinion pieces and editorials and amplify these through a social media strategy.
  • Want to be seen as a thought leader? I can work with you to make your voice known, and heard. Also, see training.

See my Portfolio.

Read about my ABCDs of Communication.