In my work, I seek to connect people, organizations, or companies with their innermost purpose and their brand promise to the world.

Your brand is your identity. It begins with you putting a  stake in the ground  in the ground and declaring  "this is who we are, this is what we do, and this is why it matters."

A brand is not a logo. It is not a vision or a mission statement.  Your brand is your core promise to the world. It begs you to be different, relevant and simple. You must deliver on your brand, your core promise, through everything you say (and don't say), write, present, put online, put on a wall, and do--every day.

That deep connection provides a firm foundation from which to express yourself powerfully, energize yourself and/or your team,  differentiate yourself from others, and have impact.  Focusing on the brand first provides a clarity from which strategic communications can flow much more easily. Adhering to your brand also allows decisionmaking to be tactical and responsive to changing environments.  This approach also ensures that there is a consistency of voice across all communication platforms which will contribute to and reinforce the brand, and your impact.

If we work together I can help you reach the most succinct and cogent expression of who you are and how you wish to have impact in the world.

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